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A GMAT date?

  A GMAT date?

Posted by michael on Wed 08 Oct 08 at 3:13pm

I noticed this advertisement on a local London classified page in the “Guys seeking girls for dating.” section.

“Anyone score over 600 on their GMAT.”

“What can I say, I like intelligent women interested in similar things that I am. I call myself an education snob, I think it's important to have a decent education. If you share my views, send me an email and let's see if there are more views we share. I am sure there will be.”

The ad got me thinking; is it a good idea to use a GMAT score to prescreen dates? Is the overall score a reliable indicator of a relationship’s success? Would the quant/verbal breakdown make it a more reliable indicator? How will this guy verify the score? Why doesn’t he post his own score? What about the AWA score? (Why is it no seems to care about the AWA score?) Would 590 be good enough? Why the 600? Why not 650? Or 750? Or 800? Does it matter how old the GMAT score is? Would percentiles be a more reliable indicator of a date’s success than the overall score? Does it matter how many times his potential date has taken the GMAT? Are GMAT instructors disqualified? What if the replier had a subscription to scoretop? Will she have to retake the GMAT or will she be refused based on unethical behavior? Would GMAC let people use GMASS (the database of GMAT scores) to find dates? Would they help us determine how well GMAT scores correlate to past dates? Is this a common world view? Is this ad an act of courage, a display of honesty that might serve as the corner stone of a relationship? Is there such a thing as a trophy husband or wife where GMAT Scores are concerned? Does this ensure that a potential date shares an interest in business? What sort of dinner conversation would this commonality promote? What sort of pillow talk? If a GMAT score could be used for screening dates, what else could it be used for? Screening presidential candidates?

So with all these unanswered questions, I sent the chap an email and asked him how successful he has been. Thus far, he hasn’t responded. So, what do you think? Maybe use this as Analysis of an Argument writing practice…

Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the opinion stated above. Support your view with reasons and/or examples from you own experience, observations, or reading.

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