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"thank you for including me in your directory--two of my favorite students contacted me through gmatix.com, and I'm grateful for the referrals"

If you are an independant GMAT tutor and/or MBA admissions consultant we invite you to be included in our international directories, a free resource for tutors, consultants and students. For your convenience your email address will not be published; students will contact you by submitting a form to this site. This will be forwarded to you automatically. Although not obligatory, providing your zip code and county will help locate you more accurately on our forthcoming map.

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Please note that we will respect your privacy and contact you only to verify the data that you provide, to forward bona fide enquiries submitted to the site by students, and to advise you of news about the site and any services it offers you. We reserve the right to edit or remove any entry posted on the site at our sole discretion without notice.


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