Going it alone with gmat


Some might think the GMAT sounds easy - after all, it only tests 'simple' math and verbal skills. If you're considering trying the GMAT without doing any prep, please at least go to mba.com and download the free “GMAT Prep” review software. The software package contains two real (retired) GMAT tests, that use the real scoring algorithm. Set aside two and a half hours, and complete one of the exams, skipping the two essays at the beginning. The score will give you a good idea of what score you might expect on a real GMAT. If you don't get the score you need, come back here and read on. And even if you get a good score, be aware that with focused preparation you'll be able to improve substantially.

Advantages & Disadvantages:

  • saves a lot of time and money


  • you could do a lot better

Note about the mba.com Tests

You can (and should!) download the two free practice GMATs from mba.com. We strongly recommend doing one of these tests early in your review; you'll know what you're studying for, you'll discover whether you have difficulties with time pressure, and you'll be able to assess whether to focus on math or verbal in your review. You can actually do these tests several times-

  • for each test, the database of questions is large. You can repeat a test without seeing many of the same questions;
  • the tests are computer-adaptive, which means that the questions get more difficult when you answer questions correctly. If you do a test early in your preparation, and then do another test after improving, you'll see new (harder) questions.

So don't feel that you're 'burning' a test if you do it early - you can do it again.


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