The Cost of a Personal GMAT Tutor


GMAT tutors can sometimes seem expensive - some charge hundreds of dollars per hour. Is it worth it?

  • Bear in mind that personal tutoring is normally much more efficient than a class, because tutoring can be tailored to your level. You might learn in one hour of tutoring what would take two hours of class time
  • The best tutors might be the only people who can teach you the most difficult material on the test; this is normally impractical in a large class
  • Improving your GMAT score by 50 points might be the difference between getting in to an elite MBA program or not. Completing a top MBA will not only raise your lifetime earnings, potentially by millions of dollars, but will introduce you to a world of opportunities and a network of business leaders. If, by investing some time and money now, you can guarantee that return in the future, the investment is probably worthwhile.






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