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  GMAT Registrations Worldwide

Posted by ian on Thu 28 Aug 08 at 10:37pm

GMAT: Internationalization

GMAC recently released data on GMAT registrations for the first five months of 2008. GMAT registrations are up by more than 11% from last year. If this continues for the entire year, then the total number of GMAT tests taken will be close to 243,000 worldwide. This will approach the highest total in the history of the test: 249,632 GMAT tests were taken in 2002.

Of particular interest in the data published by GMAC is the breakdown of test-takers by geographical region. While GMAT registrations are up by about 5% in the USA this year, they have climbed by almost 23% outside of the United States. A recent GMAC report by Johnette Peyton found that the proportion of GMAT tests written outside of the USA climbed from 33.7% to 35.3% from 2002-2003 to 2006-2007, and this trend appears to be accelerating. These trends are one motivation for the international focus of



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